Monday, August 4, 2008

Zipcar Update

I have now used Zipcar twice, and both times were complete successes. It is seriously so easy - reserved the car online, went to get it at the time I reserved it, the car was there, tapped my Zipcar card on the windshield, doors unlocked, key was inside along with a gas card and drove off! The second time, we needed to extend our reservation, so we just called 1.800.4zipcar and an automated system added an hour. As long as someone hasn't reserved the car right after you, it's really easy to add hours to your reservation.

One thing I was skeptical about was if the car would definitely be there at my reserved time, but there is a pretty hefty fine if you keep a car late, so I think most people respect the times. Also, I wondered if people would leave trash and little junk bits in the car, but both cars were clean - no signs of the previous drivers. And my last hesitation was if people would really respect the quarter tank gas fill-up [Zipcar drivers should fill up the tank once it gets to a quarter tank] and both times there was at least a half tank of gas in the car. I guess the gas station isn't so scary when it's not your credit card that's paying!

The first car we rented was a chili pepper red Mini Cooper convertible - a blast to take to the beach; and the second car was a BMW 328i, which I am now lusting over because it was the most fun car I have ever driven. I've dropped a few hints that if we live in a place where car sharing isn't possible, maybe we could get one of those!!


julie perry said... it near your house that you walk/ride bike/subway? then do you just keep the car seats at your place? probably wouldn't work well in houston, ey?

alston said...

we try to reserve ones that are in walking distance to our of us will go get the car and then bring it back to our place where we load the carseats and gear. haven't quite figured out how to get the car with the kiddos and carseats...thinking boosters will make things more doable? houston would be a tough one because everything is so spread out...and go figure, they don't even have zipcar there!

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