Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifties Guide [Kids]

Here's the first of 4 compilations of some of my favorite things out there for little gifties. Admittedly, these toys are for mostly smaller kids. What can I say, that's where my expertise lies right now?! [Click image to enlarge]

1. Fly Me to the Moon Cardboard Rocket, Land of Nod, $89. The perfect little escape...and the fact that you can draw all over it may even deter colorful markings on the wall!

2. Dog Hand Puppet, Branch, $22. Super cute, plus it's hand-knit by women who belong to a collective of knitters in rural Kenya.

3. Wooden Trike by Plan Toys, available at Modern Tots for $120. This would be a perfect indoor tricycle on hardwood floors - none of that metal scraping on wood - yikes!

4. Plunko Ugly Doll, $20. I'm a little bit obsessed with these "dolls." They make me laugh and I love the colors and shapes. Not too sure about the reception from a "girlie-girl," though...I might not have thought they were very funny when I was say 5 or 6 years old.

5. Wooden Shopping Cart by Plan Toys, $60. It's the blue and orange - gets me every time. Plus the whole wooden floors thing.

6. Bob's Your Uncle, Animal Flashcard Set, $35. Not only will they be learning their abc's, but there's a fun fact about each animal on the back, too, like how rabbits can see behind them without even turning their heads.

7. I'm Not Bored Anymore Art Jar, Land of Nod, $29. I would've gobbled this up when I was little..."a jumbo plastic jar full of funky art supplies like googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glue pens, construction paper, wavy craft scissors, wooden buttons, spools, beads, craft sticks and more."

8. Automoblox M9 Sportvan, $38. I'm also a little obsessed with these cars. They really are one of my favorite toys I've ever bought for the boys. They can be completely taken apart and intermixed, and the "people" pieces inside are like a mini puzzle. They are continually coming out with new colors and styles, too.

9. A Well Balanced Scale, Land of Nod, $29. My boys would love this - putting items in, seeing what happens, taking them out - what could be better?

10. Holga 120N Medium Format Camera, $27.99. We have one of these and have such a great time with it. The boys love the independence of snapping away, and the results are often beautiful. And for that price, it's not such a huge deal if your budding photographer as a little "mishap."

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