Friday, December 12, 2008

Wrap It Up

[My sister's wrapping cart - I like wrapping presents with her!]

I'm going to try and get lots of wrapping out of the way this weekend...although, if I actually put anything under our tree, it would be opened in a matter of minutes. We stack everything on top of our TV armoire and bookcases! Because the boys' packages tend to be large, it would get a little pricey trying to use expensive sheets of eco-friendly gift wrap. I usually use recycled Kraft paper, and then put a bright ribbon* and card on top. Sometimes, I'll even draw right on the package, depending on my mood. I also bought a big roll of Ayomi Yoshida gift wrap from's 60 sq ft, 216 in x 40 in. It's a big one, and it only cost me $2.99. I'll do my best to make sure it all ends up in the recycling bin!

Some other wrapping alternatives...

[Paper Mojo is running a big sale on holiday gift wrap,
including this print from
Whimsy Press]

[Amy Butler has a line of 100% PC wrapping paper, including this Water collection]

*And lastly, my most favorite ribbon is an Italian Cotton ribbon sold by Angela Liguori...

Happy Wrapping!

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