Friday, December 5, 2008

Gifties Guide [Teacher + Hostess]

And finally, here are a few ideas for gifts you can buy in bulk to send to school with your kids [okay, so maybe not the wine in this case] or take with you to a party...

1. Lafco New York Dream Homes Candle, $52. These candles are made from clean-burning soy based wax and a 100% natural cotton wick. They burn for over 90 hours and are contained in a hand-blown glass vessel. Even if you can't have a vacation home, you can make yours smell like one...for over 90 hours at least!

2. Egg Plant: Basil, Branch, $12. These little guys are so darn adorable...not only will they recipient have a gift that keeps on giving, but it's a great conversation starter..."Is that an egg? No, silly, it's basil!"

3. Dauphine Press Desk Pad, $24. For anyone like me who could never have enough paper, lists and notes.

4. Personalized Address Stamp, $40. A thoughtful gift that will last at least until the next move...but you have to order ASAP to get it here before the big day.

5. Fantasia Dish Towel, Anthropologie, $14. A beautiful dish towel is something I can never get enough of, especially since I am trying to wean myself off paper towels.

6. Recession Red Wine, available at wine shops across the country for $3.99. Bring some humor to the mix with this tasty yet cheap wine.

7. Godiva Gold Ballotin Gift Box, $13. You can't go wrong with a small indulgence that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself.

8. Daub & Bauble Toracco Orange and Clove Hand Soap, 10 fl. oz for $9. These bottles would make anyone's sink lovely...just because it has a dirty job, doesn't mean it has to look that way!

So now you've got the whole weekend to get all your shopping done! Have a good one...

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