Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Treats

Thankfully, we are all on the mend! I was so glad that the boys were better today for their holiday party at school. And they were so excited about taking in their little teacher gifts. All the parents at their school pool together $ to buy the teachers a gift card of some sort, but I wanted the boys to be able to physically hand their teachers something and say "thanks for all you do for me." This year, they picked out some yogurt covered pretzels, which I put in a clear bag, tied up with some of Martha's Baker's Twine [which I love, and you can find at Michael's], and made a little label with their picture in it...

And yesterday, a little holiday elf came by and brought us a delicious treat - Kettle Corn! Our friends found one of the vendors for the state fair and every year they get him to make them batches of Kettle Corn for their friends. I sure am happy to be on that list!! And the label is awesome -- you know how I feel about pictures on anything, and the "caution" at the bottom made me laugh...

Hope you all have a great Friday -- we're off to see the big guy [Santa] after the school party!

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