Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Revived Classics for Stuffing Stockings

I was in Restoration Hardware yesterday, and they've got all their stocking stuffers on sale 30% off. They've revived some old classics that would be great for kids and adults alike. And don't feel limited to stockings - some of these would make fun, non-traditional hostess gifts. Here are some that caught my eye...

the Rubik's Cube, now $9.49

or how about this Mini Etch A Sketch, now $7.99

I could've used a pair of these last year while surviving a blustery New England Winter,
Pocket Handwarmers, $11.99

and lastly, a personal fave of mine, the Ole Million Face Game, now $14.99

It's been a crazy week so far -- 4-yr-old has the barfs right in the middle of busy holiday card season! -- so posting may be a little sporadic the the next couple days...

1 comment:

Kit said...

Alston, I love your blog! I'm going to use some of your gift ideas. yea for you! And I hope the barfies go away soon!
We miss you guys!

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