Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ring in the New Year with paper!

Gift Wrap

Can you ever have enough wrapping paper? It seems that I can't! I've been to both the Container Store, where I snapped up 4 rolls of Wooster + Prince paper at 50% off [that's only $2.49/roll, and only one pattern was really holiday-ish] and Paper Source, which I was so excited to discover had opened this past fall in Virginia Highlands. We were meeting a couple for dinner at Everybody's Pizza, and were right on time until I spotted this beacon of light drawing me into the store. I couldn't resist the pull [it would've been closed after dinner!], and made a quick detour to pick up some 50% off holiday wrap. I also got some more of my favorite roll wrap from them. Paper Source is one of those stores where I wish I could just have a little bit of everything -- you know, like a Paper Source closet in my house. If you have either store in your area, make a quick trip over to see what you can find!

Paper Source Wrap

Wooster and Prince Paper

[The middle rolls remind me of a David Hicks fabric]

Happy New Year!! We are still visiting family, headed back tomorrow. Today, we'll be eating chili and watching football...go SEC!

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