Friday, January 30, 2009

Be an Outsider

I just came across these ads for Boy by Band of Outsiders with Michelle Williams. They have a great 50's vintage quality to them, plus Michelle Williams is one of my fave actresses, so what's not to like?! That 2006 Oscar ensemble she wore is still at the top of my list for all time best fashion.

[Love this plaid jacket]

The ads were shot at the home of Paul Fortune, whose design aesthetic is beautiful and quirky all in one [a fave combo of mine]. There are some more photos of the designer's home, Laurel Canyon, on the site, as well as other projects including the Paris Apartment of Marc Jacobs.

[Laurel Canyon living room --
I think these are the stairs that Michelle Williams is walking down
in the top ad.
It's amazing how that top picture looks like it came
from another era compared to this one!

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