Monday, January 12, 2009

Camper for Kids

I've got a secret that I'm going to share with you -- Camper [one of my favorite shoe makers] has a line of shoes for kids. They are pricey little numbers, but here's my secret: from time to time they will be for sale on for 50-75% off! I just recently bought some myself [above] for 60% off the original price. These shoes are so well made that I can count on them being around for hand-me-downs.

Not only are the shoes top-quality, but can we talk about this killer packaging? They've taken the sophisticated Camper logo and incorporated playful drawings to make it more appealing to kids, all the while maintaining the overall look of the Camper brand. That's such a happy thing for me, and I will not be able to throw away this box!

Little details can make such a big difference, like the spot-on tags on the tongue of the shoes -- I love how the little drawing is peaking up from the bottom...

So, keep an eye out if you are in the market for some well-made, high end kicks for your little one!

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