Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You know it's time to get organized when...

...your husband goes to NYC and brings you back a Notepaper Roll Holder from the MoMA store for "all the paper bits on your desk." What? These paper bits --

But I know exactly what those papers are and if I put them somewhere else, then I will go to find some important information and it won't be there and then I'll start cursing, which wouldn't be good for our kids to hear and repeat the next day at pre-school.

No, it's true. I really need to clean up a little around here. November and December were so action packed [which I love, love, love, and had so much fun meeting new people and seeing pictures of them and their families and seeing all these beautiful cards come through here] that things like straightening up got sent to the back of the line. Now that I've got my trusty Notepaper Roll Holder, I'm going to take a couple hours and get this place in order!

Some other things on my organization list [because really I could buy office supplies until we had no money left] --
The Freedom Filer Filing Kit, $42.95 at'm always wondering how to label those darn tabs, and this kit does that for you.

And I'll take one of each of these clever little binders from Knock Knock--

Here's a close-up of the Takeout Menu Organizer --
I could relive my days as a waitress with that nifty little order pad - I love it!

I've bought my Monthly At-A-Glance calender that I buy every year, but it was a little unsatisfying this year. I'd like to give it a the layout on the inside -- how the entire month spreads over two pages and I can see everything at once -- but it lacks style. Hmmm, this could be an interesting project...

I also need a cool + hip pencil cup -- know of any?

P.S. -- guess who Reggie just happened to bump into in NYC...Sofia Coppola at the Whitney and SJP at the movies! He was actually admiring how cute Sofia's baby was before he realized who it was. I was super jealous!

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allison sneider said...

great post! Reggie sounds like a fun guy...but give the girl a break on the paper bits! You do amazing work.

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